Innomost technical team grows

Innomost technical team grows


We are excited to welcome our new pilot plant manager Sami Korpi and process technician Niko Jokelainen.

Innomost is a startup that produces high value raw materials from birch bark, by upcycling side streams from the Finnish forest industry. Earlier this year we completed a funding round of 5 million € to build a pilot plant in Kokkola, Finland and to deepen our research and development. To fulfil our plans, we have strengthened our team with core technical competence.

Pilot plant manager Sami Korpi will take charge of the new pilot plant and its personnel once it’s up and running. For the moment he is deeply engaged with the planning of the plant keeping thousand of threads in his hands.

“I joined Innomost because I find the company and the products interesting and with a great potential”, says Sami Korpi. “In my work I enjoy most of all problem solving and generating ideas about technical issues. I see how my ideas turn into reality. Now I can really challenge myself”, continues Sami.

Sami finds it important to meet the values of Innomost. Hygiene, safety and ergonomics are essential when planning the new pilot plant. We must make sure that the customer gets the quality needed.

Sami comes from Kokkola where he also studied chemical engineering at Centria University of Applied Sciences. He has a versatile professional background from both chemical and metal industry, having worked for CABB, Keski-Pohjanmaan koulutusyhtymä and Best-Hall. Football and ice-hockey are Sami’s favorite sports. Sami sends best autumn wishes to all of you!

Process technician Niko Jokelainen prepares products and samples in the laboratory for our customers and research. Niko enjoys his work because it’s variable and he can work independently.

“It’s really great to be part of something new and sustainable. I wanted to work at Innomost, because then I’m part of a growth story. We also make all products from natural material, which makes Innomost even more interesting.”, says Niko. “In my work I want to listen to the customers and keep up high quality standard. Especially I’m thankful that I can contribute to the development and that the team listens to my ideas and asks for my opinion even though I’m new”, Niko continues.

Niko is a chemical process technician and he has worked at Kokkola energy and Kokkola waste-water treatment before joining Innomost. Niko is currently also studying at Centria University of Applied Sciences heading for a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He hopes the studies combined with his work experience will give him even more responsible tasks in the future.

We wish Sami and Niko warmly welcome!

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