Innomost develops, produces and sells polymeric polyester oils and active ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry, based on the ethically produced raw material: Finnish wood.

Innomost offers cosmetics producers new biodegradable and sustainable ingredients derived from Finnish pine and birch, even in high volumes. Our wood-based ingredients are vegan, gluten-free as well as allergen-free, and offer endless opportunities for different types of formulations. They are the ultimate ethical choice in respect of preserving nature, for example by replacing partly or completely the mineral oil based emollients in the final formulations.

However, biodegradable and sustainable products derived from pine and birch are just a starting point for the innovation potential of our company.

Top class experimental research and high quality infrastructure.
Innovative and tailored customer solutions.
for circular economy.


Wood grown in the Finnish wilderness is the ultimate choice of raw material

Our functional ingredients can change product formulation texture by enhancing or decreasing viscosity. Our emollients produce an excellent skin feeling. The ingredients are also multifunctional and lower the number of ingredients in formulations. Ingredients are designed to be stable and to have long shelf lives. Furthermore, our wood-based ingredients are ultimately biodegradable and thus maximise environmental acceptability.

Active ingredients are designed to maintain or improve the human skin’s protective layer against impurities, delay the signs of ageing and remove harmful bacteria from the skin.

Commitment to our customers

We focus on our customers’ needs and help them develop the right formulation to combine with our products. We collaborate with highly experienced formulation experts. Consumer safety is our top priority.

Innomost ingredients are available worldwide through a network of distributors in Europe, North America and Asia. Innomost team includes top scientists and sales and marketing professionals.

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Our Values

  • High standards for quality
  • Respect for customer needs
  • Consumer safety
  • Endless innovation